Wellness Club

Wellness Club


Kanoria PG Mahila Mahavidyalaya believes that a healthy society can only be built, if the women are healthy and strong. The idea of wellness clubs is one that is gradually gaining popularity worldwide as people seek out wellness as a way of life. Therefore, the Wellness club of college tries to offer holistic support to the wellbeing of both, the staff and the students. Wellness needs to be embraced to strike the mind-body-spirit harmony. As it is rightly observed, having both physical and mental fitness increases our ability to withstand risks and dangers. Wellness is developed through time to manage illnesses caused by lifestyle choices, combat all types of stress, and maintain a calm, serene state of being. To fulfill the fore stated goals, the Wellness Club organizes activities that contribute to physical fitness and mental harmony. Regular sessions on free workouts, yoga and proper nutrition are held.

Committee Members

Ms. Vijay Harish (Convenor)

Dr. Leena Bhatia

Dr. Palu Joshi

Ms. Aayushi Soral


Student Representative (B.Com. part-I)



  • On 10 oct 2022, an Expert talk on “How to deal with day to day stress” conducted by Ms. Nisha Roy, Special Educator, Army Public School
  • Wellness Club organized activity “Fitness: Key to Healthy Living” on Nov. 2, 2022
  • Sports Day organised