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Name: Dr. Charu Goyal

Head & Associate Professor

Qualification: MA, PhD

Experience: 14 Years

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Name: Dr. Swatti Dhanwni

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MA, PhD, UGC NET, SET

Experience: 10 Years

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Name: Dr. Preeti Sharma

Qualification: M.Phil., Ph.D.

Experience: 13 Years

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Name: Ms. Rishita Sharma

Qualification: B.A. (honours) English (University of Delhi), M.A. English (University of Delhi), NET 


UG Courses

BA-Pass Course

BA -Honours

PG Courses

MA -English Literature


Programme Outcomes - BA Passcourse / Hons.

  • Demonstrate an ability to read and understand various literary genres.
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the historical development of English Literature from Old English to the present.
  • Equip students with knowledge of English as a World language.
  • To develop the ability to write clearly, effectively, and imaginatively, and to accommodate writing style to the content and nature of the subject.
  • Conduct original research and be prepared to pursue advanced studies in English, Public Relations, or Communication fields.
  • Interact orally in a variety of social and academic contexts.
  • Increased critical awareness and intellectual independence.
  • Choose an alternative career in dramatics, film-making and writing.


Course Outcomes

  • Enhanced vocabulary and understanding of grammar, figures of speech and sentence pattern.
  • Personality development by improved communication skills and soft skills.
  • Competence in use of English in real life situations.
  • Improved critical thinking and writing skills.
  • Enriched knowledge of the subject for higher studies.
  • Critical ability to read, analyze and interpret texts of different genres.
  • Developing interview and observational skills.
  • Improved writing skills and knowledge of journalistic report writing.
  • Acquaintance with major social, political and religious movements from fourteenth to twentieth century.
  • Understanding of basics of poetry, essay, short story, drama and novel as a literary form.
  • Critical ability to read, analyze and interpret texts of different genres.
  • Interpret and appreciate literature.
  • Delineate major writers and their critical works in chronological order.
  • Master basic terms of literary study.
  • Analyze various elements of prose and poetry.
  • Understanding of linguistics and phonetic transcription.


Programme Outcomes - MA English Literature

  • Ability to identify the salient features of literary texts from a broad range of different periods of literature.
  • Enthuses critical thinking through interpretation of a variety of texts.
  • Ability to apply theoretical approaches while analyzing texts from different genres.
  • Promotes research orientation which further develops problem-solving skills.
  • Students will become accomplished readers who could articulate their own interpretations with broader perspective.
  • Inculcates creative writing skills through Applied Learning.
  • Enhanced competence in use of English in real-life situations.


Course Outcomes

  • Demonstrate familiarity with a wide range of literary texts including criticism on those texts.
  • Competence to analyze the function of texts and their relation to social, political and historical developments and major literary movements.
  • Understanding the extensive range of literary works of British, American, Indian, and Post Colonial and women writers across the globe.
  • Enhanced vocabulary and understanding of grammar, figures of speech and sentence pattern.
  • Personality development by improved communication skills and soft skills.
  • Understanding of major issues like race, gender, history and culture.
  • Prowess to evaluate available resources for researching a topic of significance.
  • Write papers that construct logical arguments and information.
  • Prepare and deliver effective oral presentations with confidence.


Career Options

  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Lectureship
  • Content writing
  • Freelance Writing
  • Publishing
  • Writer
  • Theatre and Acting
  • Social Media Manager
  • Blogging
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Advertising
  • Translation
  • Soft Skills Trainer


Departmental Activity:2022-2023




Name of The Activity


Date & Day




Objectives of The Activity


Name of The  Resource Person


1.Interactive session ‘Let’s Unite to Thrive for a Better World’17 Dec, 2022AuditoriumTo encourage students to be agents of change.Department of English in collaboration with U&I.
2.Movie screening of the animated adaptation of George Orwell’s novella ‘Animal Farm.’21 Jan, 2023Room No. 5To make students understand the impact of Bolshevik Revolution.Department of English
3.Presentations by students of Semester I and III28 Jan, 2023Language Lab Department of English
4.Visit to “Queer Gulabi Pride Parade”29 Jan, 2023Police Commissionerate to Albert HallTo inspire a sense of inclusion and cultural diversityDepartment of English
5.Saga’223-4 Feb, 2023AuditoriumTo broaden the horizons of an individual’s thoughts while realizing the importance of art and literature.Department of English

Departmental Activity:2021-2022

S.No.Name of The ActivityObjectives of The ActivityMethodologyName of The  Resource Person
1.10 Days FDP by the  Department Hybrid ModeFaculty of the Department
2.Extension Lecture on Bhakti Movement and MirabaiTo introduce students to the importance of Bhakti Movement in the poems of Mirabai

Online lecture

10 Aug, 2021

12 noon

Dr Sheetabh Sharma
3.Guest Lecture on Translation StudiesTo help the students get a better insight in the changes that have come in recent years in Translation Studies

Online Lecture

22 Sep, 2021


Dr. Ishmeet Kaur

Assistant Prof, Centre for English studies, Central Univ of Gujarat

4.SAGA’21,  The Literature FestivalTo encourage the interest of students towards literature studies and explore the various arenas of it.

Online & Offline festival of two days

21-22 Dec, 2021

Hybrid Mode

10-3 pm

Department of



5.BBC Documentary ‘The Romantics-Nature’To make students understand the Romantic era and the poets through a creative way

Online Screening through Google Meet

25 Jan, 2022

11.30 am

Department of English
6.Steller Tape A Tale   National Level Storytelling CompetitionTo encourage students by providing them with a platform where they can showcase their creative skills.


27 Jan, 2022

Department of English in collaboration with Tape A Tale

Intra-College Quiz Competition

For all the students of Department BA Pass Course , Honours I, II & III year MA Sem I& III

On the syllabus of Pass Course & Honours

As it was the end of the academic session, the quiz helped the students to revise and test their knowledge of the syllabus.


Google Form

31 Jan, 2022

11.30 am

Department of English
8.Virtual Session by The Great Indian Book Tour 


5 February, 2022

9.International Seminar on Post-Truth: Actual versus Alternate Reality 

Virtual Mode

25-26 Feb,2022

Department of English
10.Presentations by students of Semester I and III 

Virtual Mode


March, 2022

Department of English

Departmental Activity:2020-2021

S.No.Name of The ActivityDate & DayTimeVenueName of The Resource Person
1.Guest Lecture on History of English Literature

16th October, 2020.


11 amOnline (Google Meet)Prof. Rajul Bhargava
2.Quiz on the works of Jane Austen & Emily Dickinson

23rd December, 2020.


11 amOnlineDepartment of English
3.Guest Lecture on History of Indian writing in English: A Historical Overview

24th December, 2020.


11:30 amOnline (Google Meet & Youtube)Dr. Bhumika Sharma
4.SAGA’20 : Literature Festival

5th-6th February, 2021.

Friday & Saturday

10 am-4 pmOnline (Google Meet & Youtube)Department of  English
5.Presentations of MA Final year students

24th February, 2020.


11 am


(Google Meet)

Department  of English
6.Soft skills enhancement Program- Non Teaching21-28 June, 202112 NoonOnline- 8 Days

Dr. Preeti Sharma

Ms. Ankita Sharma

Departmental Activity:2019-2020

S.No.Name of The ActivityDate & DayTimeVenueName of The Resource Person
1.Guest Lecture on Women’s Writing: An Ongoing Agenda

1st October, 2019


11.20 AMLanguage LabProf. Rajul Bhargava
2.Extension Lecture on English Patient

16th October, 2019


11.20 AMLanguage LabProf. Bandana Chakraborty
3.Workshop: Being a Teacher Trainer

30th October, 2019


10.30 AMLanguage Lab

Dr. Lisa Morgan

Ms. Maria Snarski

4.Department Fest: ‘Saga: Beyond Conventions

8th and 11th November, 2019

Friday, Monday

10 AM - 3:30 PMCollege Auditorium, College Ground

Inaugural: Prof. Lakshmi Kannan

Dept. of English

5.Guest Lecture on Diasporic Writings

25th February, 2020


11 AMRoom No. 5Dr. Mukesh Pareek

Departmental Activity:2018-2019

S.No.Name of The ActivityDate & DayTimeVenueName of The Resource Person
1.Educational Visits to Jawahar Kala Kendra

30th June 2018


10 AMJawahar Kala Kendra

Mr. Mayank Mansingh Kaul

Ms. Reha Sodhi


Movie Screening


27th September,2018


9.45 AMWorld Trade Park

Dr. Charu Goyal

Dr. Preeti Sharma

3.Creative Writing Club (English): Story and Poetry Writing Competitions

3 Oct 2018,


10 AMRoom No.2Prof. Joya Chakraborty
4.Extension Lecture on Indian Women Writers

9th October,2018


11.20 AMRoom No. 5Dr. Mini Nanda
5.Extension Lecture on Natyashastra and Theory of Rasas

26th October, 2018.


12.10 PMRoom No. 5Prof. Basant Jaitley
6.Guest Lecture on Rape of the Lock

3rd and 4th April 2019.

Thursday, friday

11.20 AMLanguage LabProf. Rajul Bhargava

Departmental Activity:2017-2018

S.No.Name of The ActivityDate & DayTimeVenueName of The Resource Person
1.Educational Visits to Jawahar Kala Kendra

11th August and 13th September, 2017

Friday, Wednesday

11 AMJawahar Kala Kendra

Mr. Mani Kaul

Mr. Rameshwar Singh Kaleka

2.Extension Lecture on Postcolonial Literature and Theory

3rd October,2017


11 AMCollege AuditoriumProf. Supriya Agarwal
3.Singing Voices: Orality and Literature

7th October, 2017


9.30 AM to 5.00 PMDiggi PalaceProf. Rajul Bhargava
4.International conference on Teaching English in multicultural classrooms: Perspectives, Possibilities and Challenges

30-31 October, 2017

Monday, Tuesday

11 AmCollege AuditoriumELTAI, RELO, American Centre& British Council and Department of English
5.Extension Lecture on Renaissance Drama

7th December,2017


11.30 AMRoom No. 5Dr. Mini Nanda
6.Extension Lecture on Background to American Literature25th January, 2018.12 NoonRoom No. 2Dr. Bhumika Sharma
7.Guest Lecture on StylisticsJanuary, 201811.20 AMRoom No. 5Dr. Sanjay Arora
8.Workshop on ‘Theories and Practice of Translation’

10th-11th February, 2017

Friday, Saturday

10:30 AMCollege Auditorium

Prof. Jasbir Jain

Dr. Rashmi Chaturvedi

Prof. Harish Narag

Prof. Ranjeet Shah

Departmental Activity:2016-2017

S.No.Name of The ActivityDate & DayTimeVenueName of The Resource Person
1.Movie Screening- Wuthering Heights

23rd September,2016.


10.30 amCollege Auditorium

Dr. Charu Goyal

Dr. Preeti Sharma

2.National Seminar on “Shakespeare is Forever-21st Century Perspective

7th October 2016


9 AM to 2 PMCollege Auditorium

Prof. Jasbir Jain

Dr. Sanjay Arora

3.Workshop: The Art and Science of English Pronunciation

29th and 30th November, 2016

Tuesday, Wednesday

10:30 AM to 1:30 AMCollege AuditoriumMr. Bivash Mukherjee

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