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Name: Dr Prerna Singh Lavania 

Qualification: MA, M Phil, NET, PhD, LLB, B. Ed.

Experience: 14 Years

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Name: Palu Joshi

Qualification: MA, PhD and NET/JRF (Political Science), Bachelor of Journalism

Experience: 8 years

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Name: Ms. Poorva Bhardawaj

Qualification: MA (Political Science), NET, PhD (Pursuing)

Experience: 20 Months

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Name: Dr. Nimisha Gaur 

Qualification: MA (Political Science),  MA (Public Administration), Ph.D, PDF

Experience: 10 years


Three/Four Year Bachelor of Arts

Part –I

Semester -I Semester –II
Paper Foundations of Political Science. Indian Political Thought.

B.A – Four year Bachelor of Arts, Subject/Discipline—Political Science

Part –I

Semester –I Semester –II
Paper-I Foundation of Political Science. Political Ideologies
Paper–II Indian Political Thought Select Political Systems
UG B.A. Pass Course B.A. Honours (Political Science) PG M.A. Political Science  Program Outcomes: PO1. Critical Thinking: The ability to analyze and predict socio political phenomena based on the study of existing socio economic determinants and past experiences. This goal is achieved by classroom lectures and training students in the different methods and tools of investigation such as empirical research methods For example – Field Trips, organizing special world and national days. PO2. Effective Communication: Establishment of linkages between academics and civil society at large so as to successfully address socio political problems. The quarterly news letter is a means for keeping the entire student population up to date with political occurrences at both global and domestic levels. Debates, seminars and guest lectures are also regularly organized on relevant themes and participation is sought from experienced resource persons. PO3. Social Interaction: views of all are put together discussion group activities and debates organized from time to time on political issues. PO4. Effective Citizenship: the course curriculum inculcates among students a basic understanding of the rights and duties of citizenship and thereby to act as responsible citizens through the observation of important days such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Human Rights Day, Constitution Day etc. PO5. Ethics: Programme is designed to make students aware of the rights as well as duties towards the state as well as other citizens, as rights and duties complement each other. Curriculum also makes student gender sensitive and sensitive towards other marginalized sections of the society. PO6. Environment and Sustainability: Programme helps understanding the issues of environmental contexts and sustainable development. It understands political processes and systems at both global and national levels, with regard to environment protection and sustainable development. Curriculum is designed to understand theoretical aspects of Environmentalism and Sustainability. PO7. Self-directed and Life-long Learning: The purpose of the Programme is to      deepen knowledge and understanding of one of the most powerful forces operating on people, communities and corporations today. In every career it is essential to have some understanding of policy and politics to make wise social, economic and political decisions. It helps develop writing skills, quantitative reasoning, statistical assessments, and analytical thinking as well. Career Opportunities
  • Civil Services:
    • For anyone considering appearing for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam, a thorough knowledge of Political Science is a must, and studying the subject at the undergraduate level can immensely help aspirants.
  • Policy Analyst:
    • Political Science majors develop strong critical thinking, writing, and research skills, along with an in-depth knowledge of public policy, all of which are essential requirements for applying for the role of a policy analyst. The job of policy analysts is to evaluate the impacts of adopting a policy and use the analysis to devise arguments that either support or discredit the implementation.
  • Legislative Assistant:
  • Most people are unaware of the fact that Members of Parliament and other elected representatives and officials often hire assistants who can help them with their legislative duties.
  • These hires are professionally known as legislative assistants, who work in close collaboration with our MPs to research on policy issues, pending legislation, inquire into the problems of citizens within the jurisdiction of their employers, and coordinate and communicate with other officials of the jurisdiction.
  • Social Media Manager:
    • From political candidates, officials, and parties to interest groups, every individual or organization in the public eye needs a strong social media presence. Their presence further needs to be managed by social media experts who understand politics and current issues well.
  • This is where political science graduates can leverage their knowledge of what constitutes a positive public image and opinion, and formulate and implement plans to shape and enhance their clients’ social media campaigns.
  • Journalism:
    • A good political journalist is someone who has profound expertise in politics and aspires to use it to increase public awareness about the same across different media. Political Science graduates make excellent political journalists, reporters, and correspondents, given their competence in politics and their understanding of the political environment.
  • Whether students choose to supplement their undergraduate degree with a degree or diploma in journalism or mass communication or start working directly after graduation, journalism is a fantastic career option for Political Science graduates.
  • Marketing Research Analyst:
    • Political science graduates are required to study the flow of power in political systems, which allows them to understand how to market a particular product across geographies to maximize its impact.
  • Therefore, they develop a knack for marketing jobs, which provides another career option in Political Science, since they can quickly and effortlessly analyse how consumers of a specific demographic will respond to the product through their knowledge of research methodologies. Students can pursue an MBA or enter into the marketing industry right after their graduation.
  • Teaching:
    • Students who enjoy gaining more knowledge about the subject can consider teaching at the school or college level as a career option in Political Science. At the school level, teachers are required to hold a B.Ed. degree, along with an MA in political science, while at the college level, teachers need to qualify examinations such as UGC NET/ SET and/or hold a Ph.D.
  • Intelligence Analyst:
    • Intelligence analysts work for government agencies like the CBI. They utilise their knowledge of political science to analyse all levels and parameters of development in the country’s volatile regions, which requires their specific knowledge and skill set.
  • Their work also includes making reports on groups that may pose a threat to national security, study patterns of leadership and public response, and present their findings in a conclusive manner.
  • Political Campaign Staff:
    • A political campaign staff’s job profile is the same as that of a social media manager, except that this work is done mostly offline. Political campaign staff members prepare press releases and draft speeches for their clients, design and execute campaign strategies, analyse current political issues, study public reactions to cultivate their client’s image, and organise fundraisers for the campaign.
  • Public Relations Representative/ Specialist:
    • Public relations representatives or specialists are people who act as mediators between their clients and the public through various platforms of the media. From organising press releases and conferences to managing campaigns, events, and public appearances, the profession requires astute critical skills of researching, writing, and analysing to promote their client’s image, something that political science majors possess in abundance.
  • Political Scientist:
    • Lastly, for students who are deeply passionate about the study of political science, academia is an industry that is always open. Students can pursue their MA and PhD in Political Science following the completion of their graduation, to become thinkers and subject matter experts.
Year 2022-23
S. NoActivityDateMode
1Plantation Drive16-07-2022Offline
2Special Lecture on ‘Decoding Higher Education Federalism in India: Exploring the Promises of NEP- 2020 and Problems of Indian University System’.12/08/2022Offline
3Small research survey on the topic, ‘Role of Social Media in formation of Political Opinion amongst Youth’.August- September 2022Online
4A national week- long online FDP on the topic, ‘Education as an Equaliser: Its Evolution and Relevance in Gender Equality’10th to 16th October 2022Online
5One day excursion to the Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya, New Delhi05-11-2022.Offline
6Extension lecture on ‘Indian Constitution: Philosophy & Objectives’26th Nov, 2022Online
7Extension lecture on ‘Human Rights and Global Development’10/12/2022Online
8A poster making competition on Human Rights13-12-2022Offline
9One day Workshop on ‘Career Opportunities in UPSC and other Competitive Exams’17-12-2022Offline
10A poetry competition to commemorate ‘Prakram Diwas’23-01-23Online
11A two- days National Seminar on ‘Quality Improvement in the disciplines of Arts and Legal Studies through Outcome Based Education’1-2 February 2023Offline
Year 2021-22
S. NoActivityDateMode
1Guest Lecture by Dr. Janak Singh Meena08-09-2021Online
2Panel Discussion18-09-2021Offline
3Constitution Day Celebration: Movie Show26-11-2021Online
4Human Rights Day: Guest Lecture10-12-2021online
5ParaakramDiwas: Guest Lecture24-01-2022Online
Year 2020-2021
S. NoActivityDateMode
1National Debate Competition: ‘Media trials are interference in the process of judicial verdicts’31-10-2020Online
2Constitution Day Celebration: Virtual Tour of the Parliament26-11-2020Online
3Human Rights Day: Guest Lecture10-12-2020Online
4National Youth Day Celebration: Movie Show on life & times of Swami Vivekananda12-01-2020online
5ParaakramDiwas: Movie Show- Bose: The Forgotten Hero23-01-2021Online
Year 2019-2020
S. NoActivityDateMode
1Orientation Session for Hons Students11-07-2019Offline
2One day Trip to Rashtrapati Bhawan22-08-2019Offline
3Special Lecture on Jammu & Kashmir by Shri Vijay Pal Singh20-09-2019Offline
4Workshop on Healthy Lifestyles: Mr. Samar Singh from 8 Steps Studio19-11-2019Offline
5Constitution Day Celebrations: Movie Show ‘Sardar’26-11-2019Offline
6Human Rights Day: Lecture by Prof. H. K. Sharma10-12-2019offline
Year 2018-2019
S. NoActivityDateMode
1One Day Trip to Jamwaramgarh08-09-2018Offline
2Extension Lecture on Arab- Israel Conflict: Prof Shashi Sahay18-09-2018Offline
3Extension Lecture on ‘Gandhism’: Prof Vidya Jain08-10-2018Offline
4Extension Lecture on Sino- Indian Relations: Prof R.S. Bareth15-11-2018Offline
5Constitution Day Celebrations: Quiz and Essay Competition26-11-2018Offline
6Human Rights Day Celebration: Movie show ‘The Story of 30 Articles of Human Rights’10-12-2018Offline
Year 2017-2018
S. NoActivityDateMode
1Peer Learning Session I18-08-2017Offline
2Peer Learning Session II20-09-2017Offline
3Extension Lecture on ‘Gandhi and Globalization’: Prof Vidya Jain09-10-2017Offline
4One Day Visit to DuralbhjiAvedna Ashram10-10-2017Offline
5Extension Lectures: ‘Arab- Israel Conflict’7 & 10 Nov 2017Offline
6Constitution Day Celebrations: Quiz and Poster Making Competition27-11-2017Offline
7Human Rights Day Celebration: Special Lecture by Dr M.K. Devarajan10-12-2017Offline
Year 2016-2017
S. NoActivityDateMode
1One Day Visit To Parliament05-08-2016Offline
2Guest Lecture by Prof Rajiv Gupta on ‘How to Prepare Research Projects’17-09-2016Offline
3Peer Learning Session08-10-2016Offline
4One Day Visit to Bassi Gram Panchayat22-02-2017Offline

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