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Name: Dr Manisha Mathur

Associate Professor

Qualification: M. A., M. Phil., Ph.D.

Experience: 23 years

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Programs offered by Department with write up on Program Outcomes and Career opportunities:- 

Bachelor of Arts

Programme Outcomes (PO)

PO 1 Critical Thinking:

Analyze complex administrative problems critically; apply independent judgment for analyzing information to make intellectual and/or rational decisions for conducting social enquiry in a wider theoretical, practical and policy context of Public governance. Critically analyze policies, programmes, problems and issues and make recommendations. 

PO 2 Effective Communication:

Communicate confidently and effectively with all concerned stakeholders and community leadership, and with society at large, regarding complex social, political and administrative activities., Being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation by adhering to appropriate standards; make effective presentations; and give and receive clear instructions. Communicate effectively in oral and written discourse with a diverse and changing workforce and public.

PO 3 Social Interaction:

Possess knowledge and understanding of group dynamics, recognize opportunities and contribute positively to collaborative-multidisciplinary scientific research, demonstrate a capacity for self-management and teamwork, decision-making based on open-mindedness, objectivity and rational analysis in order to achieve common goals and further self and peer learning. 

PO 4 Effective Citizenship

Knowledge about the evolution and growth of the idea and concept of citizen centric governance. Theoretical and conceptual knowledge of governance, good governance and citizen centric governance. Understanding about the institutions, tools and mechanism for ensuring citizen centric governance. Facing the challenges in establishing citizens oriented governance. Critically analyse policies, programmes, problems and issues and make pertinent recommendations. Demonstrate understanding of current issues and trends in government administrative settings and provide knowledge on addressing challenges created by those challenges.

PO 5 Ethical Practices and Social Responsibility:

The programme is dedicated to maintaining an educational environment in which diversity can flourish and an atmosphere in which mutual respect characterizes relations among members of a pluralist community.  Acquire professional and intellectual integrity, professional code of conduct and an understanding of the responsibility to contribute to the community for sustainable development of society. An understanding about the philosophy of ethics with special reference to ethics in Public life and accountability of Public services. Enhanced problem solving skills in situations involving integrity, probity in Public life and acquiring problem solving approaches. Capacity to logically and effectively communicate on ethics and governance. Promote student commitment to ethical standards of managerial practice. Knowledge and experience of ethics and integrity in public service values in administering agencies, policies and programmes.

PO 6 Environment and Sustainability

Aware about the basics of environment, environmental administration, regulations, and policies in India. Demonstrate understanding mental-based theories, concepts, science, laws and regulations that guide natural resource agencies and organisations. Knowledge pertaining to environment, energy and natural resources especially in scientific, economic, political and institutional perspectives.  An understanding of the Indian environment policies and their implementation. Demonstrate critical analytical proficiency and skillful application of environmental science and principles of sustainabilities. 

PO 7 Self-directed and Life-long Learning:

Recognize the need for and have acquired the ability to engage in life-long independent learning, with a high level of enthusiasm and commitment, to unceasingly improve knowledge and competence


SessionName of the ActivityDateTopicDepartment Resource PersonAssociations
2016-17PowerPoint Presentation2016AdministrationDepartment of Public Administration  
2017-18PowerPoint Presentation04-Aug-17GST, President ,Prime Minister, cabinet ministers etcDepartment of Public Administration  
 Guest Lecture2017 Human rights  related to disease SilicosisDepartment of Public AdministrationM.K. Devrajan, Ex- Member, State Human Rights Commission 
 International NSS Day05-Dec-17Volunteering  Journey- A Youth DevelopmentDepartment of Public AdministrationMr. Yatish Bedi from NGO Pravah,JaipurNGO Pravah
2018-19CSR Activity25-Aug-18Fundraising by the students, for the flood affected people in Kerala.Department of Public Administration  
 Guest Lecture12-Oct-18Emerging trends in Public AdministrationDepartment of Public AdministrationProfessor P.S Bhatnagar,Former Head of Department of Public Administration, University of Rajasthan,Jaipur 
 Interactive Session with NGO - Pravah13-Dec-18Samvidhan live “Be a  JAGRIK” Campaign by  PRAVAHDepartment of Public AdministrationMr Ashutosh NandwanaNGO,PRAVAH
     Mr. Yatish Bedi,Jaipur
 Two Day  Orientation Programme15-16, December 2018Samvidhan live “Be a  JAGRIK” Campaign by  PRAVAHDepartment of Public AdministrationVolunteers from NGO,PRAVAHNGO,PRAVAH
      and Department of LifeLong Learning, University of Rajasthan,Jaipur
 Survey of Anantpura Panchayat of Chomu tehsil03-Jan-19Practicality of the administration at Panchayat level (through a questionnaire)Department of Public Administration Anatpura Panchayat, Tehsil Chomu.
 Survey on College students .2016Cyber  CrimeDepartment of Public AdministrationSurvey 
2019-20Extension Lecture2019Right to InformationDepartment of Public AdministrationProfessor R.K. Choubsia, Master Trainer, Government of  India 
 PowerPoint Presentations by Students2019CAB, Article-370, History of public Administration, Indian Constitution, British Constitution etcDepartment of Public Administration  
 CSR Activity by the students.2019Campaign “Own Your Park” at Jaipur Central Park.Department of Public Administration NGO- Infinity and the Jaipur Development Authority
2020-21Alokik-2022-23 December 2020Tark-VitarkDepartment of Public Administration  
 ( Virtual ) Off-The-Cuff   

Ms.Taruna Chawla Enrolment Number :-11/84989  from 2014 batch qualified NETin Public Administration in 2019.

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