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Name: Dr. Seema Agrawal

Principal & Head of Department

Qualification: B. Com, M.Com, Ph.D, DIM

Experience: 26 Years 

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Name: Dr. Ranjula Jain

Qualification: M. Com, Ph. D, LLB

Experience: 26 years

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Name: Dr. Priyanka Khurana

Assistant Professor

Qualification: B. Com (Hons.) SRCC- Delhi, MBA (Finance), M. Com  (ABST), UGC- NET JRF, Ph.D

Experience: 15 years

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Name:  Dr. Sakshi Sharma

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. Com, SET, Ph.D

Experience: 9 years

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Name:  Dr. Manjari Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.Com M. Com Ph. D

Experience: 13 years

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Name: Dr. Mrinali Kankar

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. Com, M.Phil, MBA, Ph.D

Experience: 13 years

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Name: Dr. Vishnu Priya Temani

Assistant Professor

Qualification:, Ph.D., NET/JRF

Experience: 9 years

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B.Com – Year Degree Course ( Choose any 3 Subjects )

Part -I


Semester -I

Semester -II


Financial Accounting

Business Statistics


Business Economics

Indian Banking & Financial System

   Bus. Admn

Business Management

Business Law


Theory - Basics of Textile & Garment Industry


Practical - Basics of Garment Construction

Theory - Traditional Textiles & Business


Practical - Basics of Business


Program Outcomes- This program could provide Industries, Banking Sectors, Insurance Companies, Financing companies, Transport Agencies, warehousing etc., well trained professionals to meet the requirements. After completing graduation, students can get skills regarding various aspects like Marketing Manager, Selling Manager, over all Administration abilities of the Company. Capability of the students to make decisions at personal & professional level will increase after completion of this course. Students can independently start up their own business. Students can get thorough knowledge of finance and commerce. The knowledge of different specializations in accounting, costing, banking and finance with the practical exposure helps the students to stand in organization



Program Outcomes- This program provides a systematic and rigorous learning and exposure to banking and finance related disciplines. The student is trained to develop conceptual applied and Research skills as well as competencies required for effective problem solving and right decision making in routine and special activities relevant to Financial Management and banking transactions of a business. This acquaints a student with conventional as well as contemporary areas in the discipline of Commerce. The students are facilitated for conducting business accounting and auditing practices and understand in-depth, core areas specially Advanced Accounting,International Accounting,Security market, IT operations and Business Environment,Research Methodology and Tax Planning 

Skill Enhancement Course

  • CAT (Certified Accounting Technician)
  • Certificate Course in Financial Planning & Investment Management
  • Certificate Course in Tally Accounting
  • Diploma in Office Management

Career Opportunities- These programs offer various career opportunities to students. They can work as a Manager, Accountant, Management Accountant, Cost Accountant, Bank Manager, Auditor, Company Secretary, Teacher, Professor, Stock Agents and Government employees. Also, they can work as Audit Assistant, Tax Consultant, Computer operator and Researcher in the field of finance, commerce and financial supporting service.

·        How to file Income-Tax Return
·        Paper Presentation on “GST”
·        Practical Session on “Online Trading”
·        Group Discussion- 1. Make in India 2.Digital India
·        How to select a topic for Dissertation
·        Session on “Skills/ Knowledge required to become a Banking Professional”
·        Group Discussion on Financial Inclusion
·        Extension lecture-Demonetization- Issues, Challenges & Prospects
·        Special session-Various modes of digital Payment
·        Special Lecture on How to prepare Dissertation
·        Lecture on Mutual Funds and its applicability
·        Industrial Visit to “Mahindra World City SEZ”
·        Special Lecture on Communication Skills

·        How to crack UGC- NET Exam
·        Career Counselling Session
·        GST & its Implications
·        Oral Paper Presentation on ‘GST- Challenges and Opportunities’
·        Group Discussion- Corporate Social Responsibility
·        Extension Lecture on ‘Research Methodology’
·        Group Discussion- Demonetization: Impact on Business
·        Visit to RBI

·        How to crack UGC- NET Exam
·        Women Advantage Savings Account
·        Oral paper Presentation- ‘Purview of GST’
·        Group Discussion on ‘Increasing NPA in Banks’
·        Lecture on ‘Accounting Re-search’
·        Industrial Visit 
·        Tax Planning
·        Group Discussion on Financial Services

·        Career Counselling Session
·        GST and its Practical Applications
·        Group Discussion- 1. GST Amendments  2. GST Collection Data
·        How to use Net Banking
·        Strategies for Competitive exams
·        Questionnaire Designing
·        How to file IT Return

·        How to attend Online Classes via Google Classroom
·        Impact of Covid-19 on the life of students
·        Effective Study Skills in Current Scenario
·        Investor Awareness Program
·        Investment Avenues in 2020
·        Digital Banking
·        Inter College National Accounting Quiz 2020

·        Interactive & Feedback Session
·        Dissertation Writing Skills
·        Group Discussion on the topic ‘Is Income Tax a liability for an Individual?’
·        Online session on “GST: One Nation One Tax”
·        Industrial Trip to Sakshi International Pvt. Ltd. & Salim Kagzi’s Paper
·        Online Inter- Collegiate Accounting Talent Search 2021

·        How to prepare Dissertation?
·        Computerized Accounting & Database Management System
·        Triathlon - Search Seek & Suggest
·        Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights & patent Filling

Students of M. Com ABST who cleared UGC- NET

  • November 2017- Jaya Rajawat
  • July 2018- Shweta Bansal
  • December 2018- Unnati Tripathi
  • December 2018- Namita Goyal
  • December 2019- Neha Yadav
  • December 2019- Supriya
  • December 2020 & June 2021- Chitra
  • December 2022 - Shivangi Seth 
  • December 2022 - Aishwarya Taneja 

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