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Name: Ms. Vijay Laxmi Gupta

Qualification: B.Ed., M.A. (Economics), M.Phil, RAJ -SLET (2005), UGC- NET (2006), Ph.D. Pursuing

Experience: 8 Years

Executive Member of Rajasthan Economic Association - 2019

Life Membership of Rajasthan Economics Association

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B.A. Economics (Hons) – Four Year Degree Course

Part -I

Semester -I Semester -II
Paper-I Introductory Microeconomics Introductory Macroeconomics
Paper –II Mathematical methods for Economics-I Mathematical methods for Economics-II
Eco Practical -I Eco Practical -II

B.A. – Pass Course (Optional Subject: Economics)

Part -I

Semester -I Semester -II (Arts) Semester -II (Science)
Paper Principals of Microeconomics 1.Indian Economy 2. Practical-I 1.      Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics 2.      Practical-I
Program Offered 
  • B.A./ B.Sc Pass course
  • B.A. Economics Hons
PSOs of B.A. Economics & B.A. Hons Economics
  • To develop the ability to explain core economic terms, concepts, and theories.
  • To use microeconomic tools and concepts to address public policy issues such as competition, environmental protection, financial regulation, innovation and taxation.
  • To collect and integrate information from a variety of sources, assessing its meaning, accuracy, and its timeliness.
  • To frame an economic question of some public significance and evaluate, integrate, and apply information from various sources to create a cohesive answer.
  • To apply economic theories and concepts to contemporary social issues, as well as formulation and analysis of policy.
  • To be able to use critical thinking skills within the discipline of economics about economic matters.
Economics is one of the evergreen subjects because of its high utility and huge demand in the job markets. It is also an important discipline both for a career as well as a job point of view. Job opportunities are increased because of globalization and after the merging of the world economy. A well-trained economist has a high demand not only in India but also across the world. With a background in economics, it seems anything is possible. Other common economics careers and roles include auditor, stockbroker, insurer, business manager, retail merchandiser, pricing analyst, statistician, financial consultant and salesperson. But what can you do with an economics degree if none of the above appeals to you? Well, you may want to also consider these broader options: business intelligence, international development, human resource management, IT, journalism, law, management, market research, politics, public relations, social research and taxation. Or, you could even become an entrepreneur and start your own business.
S.N. Name of Activity Title Date Resource Person
1 Educational Visit Reserve bank of India, Jaipur 06-09-2016
2 Guest lecture Economic Reforms of India and their Importance in current Scenario 26-09-2016 Prof. Vijay Vir Singh, University of Rajasthan
3 Workshop Social Research and Use of Statistical Tools 08-11-2017 Dr. G. L. Meena, University of Rajasthan
4 Guest lecture The Path of Development of Indian Economy: Contemporary Issues 03-10-2017 Prof. S.S Somra, University of Rajasthan
5 Orientation program Career Options in Economics 01-08-2018 Prof. Vijay Vir Singh, University of Rajasthan
6 Debate Competition India Vs China (Will India overtake China Economically) 29-08-2018
7 Essay Writing Competition Demonetization: Its Impact on Indian Economy 26-09-2018
8 Educational Visit Bhamashah State data Centre (Jhalana Dungari) 26-11-2018
9 Extension lecture Public Finance and Fiscal Policy 20-12-2018 Dr. Anshul Chaturvedi, University of Rajasthan
10 Quiz Competition 04-09-2019
11 Debate Competition Is it Right to blame only Government Policies for Economic Slowdown? 26-09-2019
12 Essay Writing Competition Climate Change and Economic Development 18-10-2019
13 Student Seminar cum PowerPoint Presentation 1. Liberalization 2.Trends in Modern banking Sector 25-11-2019
14 Essay Writing Competition Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Economy 31-10-2020
15 Poster Making Competition Sustainable Development 25-11-2020
16 Guest Lecture Globalization and Changing Paradigms in Indian Economy 08-12-2020 Dr. N. D. Mathur Manipal University
17 PPT Competition ⮚        Agricultural Reforms ⮚        GST collection ⮚        Ease of doing business ⮚        New Education policy ⮚        Industrialization, global warming and climate change 24-12-2020
18 Quiz Economic Quotient 19-01-2021
19 Plantation Taking a Green Step Forward 15-30 July 2021
20 Experience Sharing Resilience amidst the Pandemic 30-07-2021
21 Interactive Session Economics and Career Opportunities 01-08-2021 Dr. Oum Kumari Dr. Thakur Dev Pandey, Manipal University, Jaipur
22 Essay Writing Competition Digital Divide in The Era of the Pandemic” 01-10-2021
23 Guest Lecture Agrarian Distress and Way Forward 22-11-2021 Prof. Vijay Vir Singh, VGU, Jaipur
24 Quiz Quiz Mania 21-12-2021
25 Guest Lecture Issues in Education and Health: Is online learning is Good Substitute for in class Learning? 18-01-2022 Dr. Zeemol Unni, Ahmedabad University
26 Extension Lecture Application of Mathematics in Economics 24th & 25th Feb 2022 Ms. Chitra Choudhary, University of Rajasthan
27 Online Survey Digital Payment Behavior of Students 28th September 2022
28 Online Survey Awareness of POCSO Act among students 28th October 2022 In collaboration with Department of Sociology, KMM
29 Guest Lecture Development to Sustainable Development:Exploring Paradigm Shift in Economics Discourse 15th October 2022 Prof. Alpana Kateja
30 Essay Writing Competition Economic Repercussions of Russia- Ukraine War 16th November 2022
31 Power Point Presentation Digital Currency, Demographic Dividend, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Application of Demand and Supply and Fiscal Policy in India 30th November 2022


Three students, Kriti Sharma, Neerja Joshi and Niharika Vyas (B.A.Honors Part III) published a review titled Rajasthan’s Agricultural Produce in Economic Bulletin, a publication by NITI Aayog Chair 3months NITI Aayog Chair, University of Rajasthan

One Week Workshop

Wide Angle of Economics 14th December to 20th December 2022 Professor Alpana Kateja, Director, HRDC, University of Rajasthan, Dr Shalini Jain, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Dr Preeti Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Kanoria P.G. Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur, Professor N.D. Mathur, Dean, Jaipur School of Economics and School of Humanities and Social Sciences, JECRC University, Jaipur, Professor Pankaj Nagar, HOD, Department of Statistics, University of Rajasthan and Dr Snigdha Sharma, Principal, Government College Under the Aegis of Teaching and Learning Centre, KMM


General topics of Economy and Economics 19th January 2023


Synergy ’22 Conclave on Indian Economy @2030 20th January 2023 St.Xavier’s College, Jaipur in collaboration with NITI Aayog

Interactive Session

Interactive Session on the Union Budget 2023-2024 11th February 2023
A number of students have been selected for higher education in various national level institutions like JNU, CUs, BHU etc. They have adopted different career options like Teaching, Banking, Policy, Research work, Media and entrepreneurship etc. Several students clarified NET, SET and pursuing higher study in the subject.
Session 2016-17
S.N. Name Achievement Remark
1 Manu Tyagi NET-JRF (June-2020), Economics Admission in Ph.D. (University of Rajasthan) 2019 in Economics.
2 Anjali Sharma UGC-NET (July-2018), Economics
3 Alka M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan.
4 Meeghal James M.A. Economics, St. Wilfred College, Jaipur
Session 2017-18
S.N. Name Achievement
5 Annu Tatu NET-JRF (Dec-2019), Economics, Admission in Ph.D. (University of Rajasthan) 2022 in Economics, Civil Services (Main Examination 2021)
6 Aayushi Tambi UGC-NET (Dec-2019), Economics
7 Shreya Bohra M.A. Economics, St. Wilfred College, Jaipur
Session 2018-19
S.N. Name Achievement
8 Mahak Vijay UGC-NET (Sept-2020), Economics
9 Gunjan Saini M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan.
10 Selina Khan M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan.
Session 2019-20
S.N. Name Achievement
11 Yogita Thapa M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan.
12 Vijay Laxmi M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan.
13 Deepika Meena M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan.
14 Ritu M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan.
15 Jyoti Sharma M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan.
16 Shan Brar M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan.
17 Navadha Sharma M.A. Economics, St. Wilfred College, Jaipur
18 Maya Chandwani M.A. Economics, Alankar PG Girls College, Jaipur
19 Shikha Pareek M.A. Economics, Alankar PG Girls College, Jaipur
20 Yashanshi Singhal M.A. Economics, Stani Memorial PG College, Jaipur.
Session 2020-21
S.N. Name Achievement
21 Juhi Bhojwani M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan
22 Isha Singh M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan
23 Kinjal Kaondal M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan
24 Prachi Sony M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan
25 Richika M.A. Economics, Department of Economics, University of Rajasthan

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