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Name: Dr. Ritu Gupta

Associate Professor & Head                                                                          

Qualification: MSc, PhD, NET

Experience: 19 Years

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Name: Dr. Ritu Jain

Qualification: MSc, PhD

Experience: 17 years

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Name: Dr. Reema Srivastava

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc, Ph.D

Experience: 11 years

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Name: Dr. Aparna B Rathore

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc., SET, Ph. D.

Experience: 10 Years

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Name: Ms Yogita Solanki

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc., M. Phil, B. ed. SET (Ph. D pursuing)

Experience: 9 Years

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Name: Dr. Kamakshi Tomar

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc., MBA, Ph. D

Experience: 12 Years

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Name: Dr.Deepika Arya

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MSc,  NET, PhD, PDF

Experience: 05 Years

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Name: Dr. Yashmin Akhtar

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc , Ph.D

Experience: 04 Years

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Support Staff

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Programs offered

UG Courses

B.Sc. -Pass Course

PG Courses

M.Sc- Botany (Semester Scheme)

Program Outcomes (B. Sc.)

Students get trained in various areas of plant sciences and enhance their skills. They understand the basics of botany and fundamental processes of plants. They learn to carry out practical work in the lab as well as in the field.  They understand the environmental issues and their impact on society. Students learn to communicate through various electronic modes and express themselves effectively.

  • Understand the basic concepts of Cell Biology, Ecology, Microbiology, Genetics and Plant Breeding along with Morphology, Anatomy, Embryology and Physiology of plants.
  • Identify the plants on the basis of taxonomic characters and learn the economic importance of plants and their uses for social welfare.
  • Learn the classification and characteristics of Algae, Fungi, Bryophyta, Pteridophyta, and Gymnosperms as well as identify plant diseases on the basis of their symptoms and learn control measures.


Program Outcomes (M. Sc.- Botany)

After completing Post Graduation in Botany the students get equipped with subject domain knowledge and technical skills pertaining to plants in a holistic manner. Practical application of theoretical concepts is taught with substantial coverage of practical and field works. They have exposure to the latest technologies that are currently used in the subject. The students become competent in various analytical, molecular and technical skills related to botany and learn applications of the instrumentation. It makes them capable of performing short research projects in botany and develops scientific temperament and research aptitude. The students are able to qualify competitive exams like NET, SET and GATE.

  • Learn diversity and classification of Algae, Fungi, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms as well as learn isolation and culture of Fungi and Algae.
  • Understand the ultrastructure and function of cell membranes, cell to cell communications, signal transduction and evolution.
  • Understand principles of taxonomy and are able to prepare artificial keys for easy identification of plants.
  • Gain knowledge on the concept of plant pathology and microbiology.
  • Learn the internal structure and their morphological development of plants through advanced microscopic techniques.
  • Acquire basic proficiency in common lab techniques of molecular biology.
  • Acquire advanced knowledge of plant physiology and biochemistry.
  • Get deep insight into plant tissue culture, genetic engineering and phytochemistry.
  • Understand molecular and physiological adaptations in plants in response to biotic and abiotic stress.

Career opportunities

They can be employed by various recruiting companies, agencies and organizations like: Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, Wildlife Institute of India, Forest Research Institute, Union Public Service Commission, Recruitment for Research Associate (Botany), Botanical Survey of India, Indian Agricultural Research Institute and Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFR) etc.

After completing Graduation and Post-graduation from Botany students can pursue their career as Taxonomist, Agriculturist, Researcher, Curator (Herbarium), Cell biologist, Entrepreneur, Florist, Ecologist, Forestry consultant, Laboratory Assistant, Nursery Operator, Research Assistant, Soil Scientist, University Professor.

The Department prepared a book “Plants in the campus” describing various fruit trees, ornamental, seasonal, indoor and wild plants present in the college campus.

Session 2016-17  
Event/Activity Date
Power point Presentation by B. Sc. Part II students 11thNovember,2016
Botanical Excursion to Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur 16th November,2016
Science Chart/ Model Exhibition 07th December,2016
Extension lecture – Biodiversity conservation-policies and challenges by Dr. Soumana Datta, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Botany, Univ. of Rajasthan 19th January,2016
Session 2017-18
Extension lecture – Plant Identification and Artificial Key Preparation by Dr. Amit Kotiya, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Botany, Univ. of Rajasthan 08th September,2017
UN Day Celebration – Ozone Day (Poster making competition) 15th September,2017
Powerpoint Presentation by B. Sc. Part II students 19th September,2017
Wildlife week Celebration (Photography Competition) 10th October,2017
CSR activity -  Maruti Drive Safe Program in association with Maruti Driving School and Institute of Driving and Traffic Research 11th October,2017
Extension lecture – Tools and Techniques in Molecular Biology by Dr. Rohit Jain, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Biosciences, 01st November,2017
Botanical Excursion to Bisalpur Dam, Tonk 09th November,2017
Science Chart/ Model Exhibition 29th November,2017
National seminar on Innovative Approaches in Biosciences in collaboration with Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) Jaipur Chapter and NABARD 15-16th December,2017
Session 2018-19  
Powerpoint Presentation by B. Sc. Part II students 03rd October,2018
Extension lecture –PCR and RT PCR by Dr. C.P. Singh, Asst. Prof. Dept. of Botany, Univ. of Rajasthan 05th October,2018
Botanical Excursion to Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur and Fatehpur Sikri 22nd November,2018
Science Chart/ Model Exhibition 05th December,2018
Hands on workshop on Genetic modification of desired genes using CRISPR Technology in association with E-cell fest, IIT Kharagpur 22-23 January,2019
Session 2019-20  
Power point Presentation by B. Sc. Part II students 19th September,2019
Extension lecture – Calculating City Biodiversity Index ( Singapore Index) : Effective Strategies by Dr. Soumana Datta, Head, Dept. of Botany, Univ. of Rajasthan 24th September,2019
Botanical Excursion to Jamwa Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuary 01st October,2019
Group discussion on Medicinal Importance of Ingredients of Indian Food for B. Sc. Part III 02nd October,2019
Powerpoint Presentation by M. Sc. Sem I students 14th October,2019
Science Chart/ Model Exhibition 11th December,2019
Session 2020-21  
Wildlife week Celebration (Quiz, Poster and Powerpoint presentations) 3-8th October,2020
Powerpoint Presentation by M. Sc. Sem III students 15-17th December,2020
Three days’ workshop on Molecular Biology Techniques for young researchers 28-30th January, 2021
Session 2021-22  
UN Day Celebration – Ozone Day ( Virtual talk on Introduction to the Earth’s sunscreen: The ozone layer) By Ms. Prasphutita Nanda, Scientific officer, Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board 16th September,2021
Power point Presentation by B. Sc. Part II students 27th September,2021
Virtual Plant Identification Quiz for PG students 27th October, 2021
Virtual Plant Identification Quiz for UG students 26th November,2021
Powerpoint Presentation by M. Sc. Sem II students 3rd  December,2021
Workshop on Tray Garden by Ms. Anshul Avasthi, Founder Anaya creations 4th December,2021
Extension lecture – Elements of Scientific writing- Some Do’s and Don’ts By Dr. Deepak Kumar Gupta, Consultant statistician & Chief Analyst, C DART. 28th January,2022
Session 2022-23  
Botanical Excursion to Keoladev National Park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan 6th August,2022
Power point Presentation by B. Sc. Part II students 14th October,2022
Science Chart/Model Exhibition 16th November, 2022
Power point Presentation by M. Sc. Sem I students 13th December, 2022
Two days workshop on Field and Herbarium Techniques 20-21January, 2023

Name of the studentYearExam QualifiedName of the Institution Joined
Barkha Chhipa2020CSIR-NET JRFBanasthali Vidyapeeth (for Ph.D)
Kiran Choudhary2020CSIR-NETBanasthali Vidyapeeth (for Ph.D)
Taruna Sharma2020 , 2021CSIR-NET , GATEBanasthali Vidyapeeth (for Ph.D)
Sakshi Singh2021GATEByju's Tuition Centre, Jaipur (As Biology Faculty)
Jagrati Agarwal2020 , 2021Ph. D. Entrance (RET), CSIR -NETMohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur
Hemlata Tatwal2021CSIR-NET-
Nitu Choudhary2021Tirupati College of Technical Education, Jaipur (Lecturer)
Bhavya2021Parishkar International College, Jaipur (As Online Educator)
Aanchal Madan2021PGT Cambridge (JPG School)
Aditi Choudhary2022Interview for Project AssociateCSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, New Delhi