Life Science Association

Life Science Association


  • Aims at developing scientific mandate among students in solving problems.
  • Provides an opportunity to develop a spirit of self- reliance, self-dependence and interest in scientific facts.
  • To encourage participation in the practical application of the knowledge in the scientific manner.

Committee Members

Dr. Sunita Shekhawat (Convenor)

Contact : 9414279556

Dr. Reema Srivastava

Contact : 9672522963

Dr. Anita Gajraj

Contact : 8963848804

Dr. Kamakshi Tomar

Contact : 7849826018

Rachna Sharma

Student Representative (B.Sc. Bio Part-I)



  • 27th Oct, 2021-Invited talk on ‘A Holistic Approach to Women’s Health’ by Dr. Kiran Gupta, Naturopah and Dietician
  • 1 Dec, 2021-Training Session on ‘ICT for Education: Helping Students with Today’s Technology’ by Ms. Namita Pareek, Professional IT Expert
  • 8 Jan .2022-Invited Talk on ‘Avian Biodiversity : Why is it Important’ by Dr. Renu Kohli, Assistant Director, College Education, Jodhpur