Centre for Teaching Learning

Centre for Teaching Learning


  • To enrich the methodology of teaching and learning process by focusing on analytical and problem-solving approaches.
  • To prepare a digital library of the relevant lectures (audio/video) of the covered disciplines.
  • Plan and execute programs and events throughout the academic year to address specific interests and needs.
  • Encourage faculty in the exploration, development, and use of innovative and varied teaching methodologies and assessments, including new uses of technology, in the pursuit of improved teaching and learning.
  • Conduct internal evaluations on the effectiveness of academic programs.
  • Conduct a short run to medium run and long run rigorous pre-induction programs for the new entrants.
  • Conduct workshops and short-term professional development programmes.
  • To enable faculty members to design and develop online courses (MOOCs) and blended learning courses.

Committee Members

Dr. Bharati Godhwani

Dr. Mohita Chaturvedi Sharma

Dr. Preeti Sharma

Dr. Reema Srivastava

Ms. Rukhsar Khan

Dr. Tina Singh



  • Ten-Day Departmental FDP in the college from 9-20 July, 2021. In this FDP sessions on “Selecting an appropriate Journal for article publication and Research Metrics” and “Voice and Accent Training” were conducted jointly for all the faculty members on 17 July and 20 July 2021 respectively, whereas rest of the sessions were conducted department-wise as per the new updates in the respective subjects.
  • “Virtual Orientation Program” for Students. 1 October, 2021.
  • Two Day FDP on “Happiness Mindfulness and Effective Teaching”. 29-30 November, 2021.
  • Faculty Exchange Program” on 16 December, 2021.
  • Two Day FDP on “NAAC SSR” and “NAAC Pear Team Visit”. 23-24 December, 2021.
  • Webinar on “E-Waste Management”. 17 January, 2022.
  • Seven Day Training Program for Non-Teaching Staff on “Computer Proficiency and Work Efficiency Enhancement Workshop”. 31 January-7 February, 2022.


  • Seven Day Faculty Development Program on “Know-How of Virtual Learning”. 20-26 May, 2020.
  • Hands-on session of the same FDP. 6-11 July, 2020.
  • “Virtual Orientation Program” for Students. 17 July, 2020.
  • FDP on “Know-How of Virtual Learning-2.0”. 10-17 August, 2020.
  • Three Day FDP on “Know-How of Virtual Learning” in Collaboration with Commissionerate of College Education, Rajasthan, Jaipur for Government Teachers. 2-4 September, 2020.
  • FDP on “Blogging Made Easy”. 17 and 24 December, 2020.
  • FPD on “Softwares for Academic Endeavour”. 5 January, 2021.
  • E-workshop on “Virtual Labs: Experiments via Simulations” For Faculty and Students. 9 February, 2021.
  • Seven Day Workshop for Non-Teaching Staff on “Soft Skill Enhancement Program”. 22-28 June, 2021.