Centre for Counselling and Guidance

Centre for Counselling and Guidance


The cell aims to provide an opportunity for the student to describe their feelings and problems for themselves and to reach decisions and actions that are based on informed choices. Good counselling will help them to build skills that they can use in solving their problems.

Registration id : counselling@kanoriacollege.in

Committee Members

Dr. Himanshi Rastogi

Dr Surabhi Sharma

Ms. Bindhya Sharma



  • World Mental Health Day on 10th of October department organized workshop on ‘PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRST AID’ which was one of the themes of the year 2021 and the expert of the programme was Ms Archita Pradhan (School Psychologist, Ahmedabad).
  • On 8th October 2021 a blog on ‘What is Happiness’ was also published by TickTalkTohttps://newsletter.ticktalkto.com/kanoriacollege/DAasVptC44D02CNVmgi/ 
  • On 21st January, 2022, Centre FOR Counselling and Guidance in collaboration with AMITY University, Jaipur organized a session on ‘Communication Skills for employability’. Guest speaker for the session was Mr. Ravi Verma,


  • 25th July 2020, the CEO of  TICK TALK TO Mr. Abhay t, Talk on ‘mental health practitioners in our country and how artificial intelligence can help us’.
  • Celebrating World Mental Health Day 10th Oct 2020
  • On 21st December 2020, the department in association with Amity University, Jaipur organized a webinar on “Internet And Social Media: Best Trigger Or Worst Trigger For Carrier Enhancement”. By Mr. Durgesh Batra
  • During Covid-19 pandemic, Centre in association with TickTalkTo provided a 24×7 helpline along with online personal assessment aid to the students.