B.Sc. Biology

Three Year Degree Course

Subject Combination for B.Sc. Part – I: 

Choose any one Combination :-

1.  BotanyZoologyChemistry
2.  BotanyZoologyPsychology
3.  BotanyZoologyGeography

All Part – 1 students of B.Sc. have to study the following four compulsory subjects:

  • General English
  • General Hindi
  • Elementary Computer Application
  • Environmental Studies
Botany Part – I (Pass Course)
  • Paper I- Cell Biology, Genetics and Plant Breeding
  • Paper II- Microbiology, Mycology and Plant Pathology
  • Paper III- Algae, Lichens and Bryophyta
 Botany Part – II (Pass Course)
  • Paper I- Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  • Paper II- Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Paper III- Pteridophyta, Gymnosperms and Paleobotany
 Botany Part – III (Pass Course)
  • Paper I- Plant Morphology and Anatomy
  • Paper II- Ecology and Economic Botany
  • Paper III- Angiosperm Taxonomy and Embryology
Zoology Part – I (Pass Course)
  • Z-101 Diversity of Animals
  • Z-102 Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Z-103 Gamete and Developmental Biology
 Zoology Part – II (Pass Course)
  • Z-201 Structure and Function of Invertebrate Types
  • Z-202 Animal Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Z-203 Immunology, Microbiology & Biotechnology
 Zoology Part – III (Pass Course)
  • Z-301 Structure and Functions of Chordate Types
  • Z-302 Ecology and Environmental Biology
  • Z-303 Applied Zoology, Ethology and Biostatistics
Chemistry Part – I (Pass Course)
  • CH-101 Inorganic Chemistry
  • CH-102 Organic Chemistry
  • CH-103 Physical Chemistry
 Chemistry Part – II (Pass Course)
  • CH-201 Inorganic Chemistry
  • CH-202 Organic Chemistry
  • CH-203 Physical Chemistry
 Chemistry Part – III (Pass Course)
  • CH-301 Inorganic Chemistry
  • CH-302 Organic Chemistry
  • CH-303 Physical Chemistry
Geography Part – I (Pass Course)
  • Paper I- Physical Geography
  • Paper II- Geography of Rajasthan
 Geography Part – II (Pass Course)
  • Paper I- Resources Geography
  • Paper II- Human Geography
 Geography Part – III (Pass Course)
  • Paper I- World Regional Geography
  • Paper II- Geography of India
Psychology Part – I (Pass Course)
  • Paper I- Basic Psychological Processes
  • Paper II- Social Psychology
 Psychology Part – II (Pass Course)
  • Paper I- Psychopathology
  • Paper II- Psychological Statistics
 Psychology Part – III (Pass Course)
  • Paper I- Positive Psychology
  • Paper II- Psychological testing and assessment
Degree Requirements

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