Public Speaking and Theatre Club

Public Speaking and Theatre Club


  • The primary goal of Public Speaking and Theatre Club is to help the students develop Communication Skills and build up confidence for Public Speaking .
  • Club activities primarily focuses on developing cognitive ability to comprehend and initiate verbal discourse. Therefore, the focus of the club is on practising verbal language skills- Speaking and Listening in English.
  • The activities of this club are planned to enhance the output of the students inclined towards Public Speaking and thereby strengthen and refine their skills.
  • The club aims to build intellectual and aesthetic understanding of the craft and technique of theatre arts and to provide a significant training ground for students in dramatic arts.
  • Additionally, when students use another language other than their mother tongue they are more likely to develop new and different ways of viewing and perceiving situations and individuals. Hence, it helps in broadening their vision.

Committee Members

Dr. Preeti Sharma (Convenor)

Contact: 9828185812/ 7849826037

Dr. Swati S. Sultania

Contact: 9784567804

Dr. Tina Singh Bhadouria

Contact: 9460867583

Ms. Pragati Natani

Contact: 9509544558

Dr. Shuchi Chowdhary

Dr. Saroj Revnaker

Dr. Renu Shaktawat

Ms. Rishita Sharma

Dr. Rachana Goswami

Email Address

Major Activities Conducted

The Club organises myriad activities including  Extempore, Debates, JAM sessions, Role Plays and similar activities throughout the year. The activities are organised at both Inter and Intra Collegiate level.  The major activities conducted in previous academic sessions are as follows:

  • The Club organises “Ice- Breaking” sessions at the beginning of the academic year. The purpose of such interactions is to build rapport among students and to give them the confidence to express themselves confidently.
  • Just a Minute (JAM) competitions are also organised where students are given 60 seconds to speak on a topic provided on the spot. Such activities are helpful in developing vocabulary and also develop quick thinking skills.
  • The club also organises workshops for students on Communication skills, Anchoring, Public Speaking skills and other activities related to spoken and communicative English.
  • The Club also organises Inter Collegiate Debate Competition as a part of Annual Youth Festival, “ Kasturi” in which students from different Institutes throughout the country participate.
  • During Pandemic, the Club shifted on Virtual Mode and conducted Inter College Elocution Competition and virtual Declamation competition as well. The winners were felicitated for their performance with certificates.
  • The Club also organised a Virtual Declamation competition to commemorate the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti . The event was a national level contest in which 15 students of various colleges from Delhi, Faridabad and Jaipur participated. The topic for the contest was ‘Gandhi and Shastri : Epitomes  of integrity in India’. The winners were facilitated for outstanding performances.



  • To celebrate National Voters Day “Namo Nav Matdata Sammelan.” On 25th January 2024 team performed Nukad natak ‘फसाद की जड़’ centred on Women Empowerment.
  • Ten days (10-19 December 2023) Theatre Workshop was organised.It was led by renowned theatre artist Mr.Haarshvardhan Chaturvedi.About 41 students participated.Trained students performed at SAGA annual literature festival of college.
  • Five days (2nd-6th Oct 2023) Nukkad Natak Workshop was organised by Theatre Artist Ms. Janis Hashmi.
    Approx 30 students actively participated in workshop.
  • A three day (14th -16th Sep 2023) Anchoring workshop was organized. The resource person was Ms. Madhu Gudlani, communication skills and soft skills trainer. The workshop was attended by 93 students. Students had the opportunity to hone their anchoring, communication, and soft skills.
  • An engaging ‘Ice-Breaking Session’ on 23rd August 2023 was organised. The session commenced with a warm welcome from the club’s convener Dr. Preeti Sharma, who emphasized the importance of effective communication and the role of theater in enhancing one’s confidence and expressive abilities.Numerous ice-breaking activities were conducted by Dr Teena Singh  Bhadouria and Ms Rishita Sharma,ranging from  storytelling to impromptu speeches on random topics. Students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to engage in such activities, citing newfound confidence and a sense of belonging within the club. More than 70 students attended the session.
  • On the occasion of Orientation Day for students of UG Semester-I & PG Semester-I , August 16th-18th 2023,Nukkad Natak was performed to mark the commencement of the session .The purpose of the performance was to get students familiar with Do’s & Don’t ‘s of the college so that they can be their best self & succeed academically.


  • On the occasion of Orientation day, September 7, 2023, a Nukkad Natak performance was staged to mark the commencement of the session. The purpose of the performance was to acquaint the first-year students with the procedures and policies of the college.
  • A three-day anchoring workshop was organized from September 13 to September 15, 2022. The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Siddharth Jain, a renowned face in anchoring, theatre, and radio work. The platform allowed students to learn more about the nuances of stage presence and the art of speaking and oratory.
  • An Expert talk was conducted on November 9, 2022, on Oration and Expression by Ms. Mahima Ramchandani to acquaint the students with the academic components of performing arts.
  • A ten-day theatre and acting workshop was conducted from December 11, 2022, to December 20, 2022. The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Harshvardhan Chaturvedi, an eminent theatre artist, coach, actor, costume designer, and guest lecturer. He enlightened the students with Bharat Muni’s Rasa Theory, Natyashastra, and Method acting and also, got the students engaged in various games and activities to enhance their flexibility and concentration.


  • A workshop on public speaking was organised  in the month of September. The workshop was an opportunity for students to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of public speaking and presentation skills. The training was delivered by Mr Gaurav Maheshwari, who is the Associate Vice President – Learning and Development, at J.P.Morgan. The Question & Answer session at the end made the workshop even more interactive.
  • In these tough times, it is imperative to provide new and innovative opportunities to keep the thrill and throb alive in the students and keep them engaged in productive learning. The club endeavoured to take a step forth to organise an interactive session with the fresh new faces to bridge the communication gap in this pandemic, by executing the event in person. The session of JAM (Just A Minute) was organised to have a peek on the oratory skills of the  students on 8th December 2021. The participants included the members of the club, who enthusiastically participated for the same and brought out the best of their narration skills on the designated topics.